On these pages you can find all the information you will need about the classes and workshops that I offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

About Jacqui.

Born and bred in North England and residing in the Hague since 1985 I have been teaching people and their bodies for nearly 40 years. I presently offer alignment and season -based hatha yoga, focusing on strength, mobility, kindness and awareness.

My students say  I am “caring without mollycoddling,  funny without trying to be, balanced, straight-forward, and a kick-ass dj!!”

I say “My default is happy and I swear a lot and I’m totally rubbish at not being myself. I am down to earth, creative and a rebel without a cause; a non-conformist poet who just happens to be besotted by music.”

Simply said “I am a lover of life”

Whether you’re hyper mobile or as stiff as a board, a beginner or seasoned practitioner, unfit or have an injury, there’s a place in my classes for you.

Everybody is welcome to join me in their uniqueness, for some yoga and other soulful practices. My classes are safe and accessible for all sizes, shapes and genders: Multi-level lessons with an eclectic mix of physical, mindful and soulful practices, to support and balance our daily lives.