Hi, I’m Jacqui.

One way or the other I have worked with physical bodies all my working life. In 2002, I decided to totally immerse myself in the study and practice of hatha yoga. It seemed such a natural progression from teaching aerobics and fitness. For 18 years, I ran a yoga studio. Now I’m focused on small groups, private lessons, workshops, teaching other yoga instructors and one-day urban retreats.

My teachers are:

Why yoga?

Yoga brings me joy for so many reasons:

the people, the discipline of daily practice and the music….. God is a DJ in my books!

It’s  so balancing — something we can all use more of right now.

Yoga has taught me who I am by teaching me who I am not!

If I need to be calmer, more contained or more energised, I just dip into my yogic toolbox for the perfect practice. I want to give my students the same access to these tools of self-care and awareness.

I hope that my students experience this too and  that – after the class has ended – they go home with their own ‘yogic toolbox’: movements, breath-work and meditation for a strong, resilient body, a quieter mind and a clearer headspace.