Community & Connect.

I love to stay connected and in communication with students outside the regular lessons. Our Facebook community page has been both an anchor and a life-line for me and I am happy to invite you to join us for uplifting practices and posts, free yoga lessons and challenges, playlists and more.

I send a Newsletter every 6 weeks with info about special offers, workshops and challenges, which will also include free gifts (playback lessons) and playlists.

Also, you can find me on several places on Facebook:

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Online group and private lessons on Facebook with live streams: Jacqui Sunshine on-line yoga.

My business page: Jacqui Sunshine Yoga Teacher, which you can like and follow.

Jacqui Sunshine Community Group: connect with like-minded people and join free yoga lessons and challenges.

My music/poetry page: Sunshine music etc… for the poetry read in lessons and my playlists.

My personal profile: Jacqui Howles, feel free to send me a friend invitation.

You can also follow me on Instagram and stay up to date there.

On Vimeo I share little free playback videos for those who want a short practice!

On Spotify I have hundreds of playlists, enjoy at your leisure.